2013 - 28ft White Hawk 28DSBH
Sleeps 7 -10

2010 - 26ft Jay Flight 26BH
Sleeps up to 9


2009 23ft Jayco


2013 - 24ft Jay Feather
Expands to 26 feet when setup Sleeps 6-8

2013 - 23ft Jay Feather
Expands to 32' Sleeps 6-8

  19ft Jay Feather

2010 17ft Jayco

  2009 - 19ft Jay Feather
Expands to 30' Sleeps 6 to 8 has a TV.
2010 - 17ft Jay Feather
Expands to 28' Sleeps 6
  2012 popup  
  2013 - Tent Camper
Expands to 20' sleeps 6-8

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